D’Arcy Foxx (Danai Z. Konstantinou) is a stylist, creative director and fashion prop-maker currently based in Denmark.

With a passion for crafting powerful, iconic images that transcend time, she specializes in blending the realms of fashion, art, and costume design.

Her signature style is defined by a commitment to innovation and a fearless approach to challenging conventional beauty standards and stereotypes.

Her work reflects a deep understanding of both local and international markets, coupled with a visionary approach that empowers brands to authentically connect with their target audiences.

As a DJ, event host and member of the “Trophy Wives” collective, D’Arcy Foxx has curated numerous unforgettable events.

Commercial work samples and other inquiries upon request.




Atopos CVC

Collaboration with Kostis Fokas for Atopos CVC

prop design D’Arcy Foxx

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